Launching the 1st crypto reward system to take banks into DeFi

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Project Context

We have been approached by Jerome, Peter and Marwan with an exciting opportunity to develop their groundbreaking idea for YOO, a new reward token that has the potential to become the premier reward and loyalty backbone in the MENA region. Initiatied by a UAE-based digital banking platform, the YOO token will unlock the potential of decentralized finance (Defi) by connecting it with the real economy and empowering the masses with decentralized capital efficiency.

Our mission is to provide product development and software engineering expertise to bring their vision to life and make YOO a game-changer system for banks.

How can we integrate with a regulated banking system and launch a V1 rapidly on the market?
How do we implement robust security measures to protect the YOO token and its users from potential threats?
How can we launch a reliable system optimized for high throughput and low operating costs?
How do we design a system compliant with relevant (current and future) laws and regulations?

The solution we built

To address the challenges facing YOO, our team has build a robust solution including several key components:

  • The backbone of the system - a powerful API for cashback and reward management, as well as web3 Wallet creation for users and tokens transfers
  • A dashboard for YOO tokens volume managers to mint tokens and monitor usage and trends on system performance and adoption over time
  • A serverless Cloud infrastructure distributed across multiple regions, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations, also providing scalability and reliability while ensuring security and privacy of user data

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