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There's no tribe like

Hey there, future Sparkmate!

Maxime and Morgan here.

So, you're thinking about joining our crew? Get ready for a wild ride.

Our story starts at university where we met and did tons of projects and side hustles together (from non-profits to launching companies or even doing freelancing)

In November 2019, we graduated from our engineering school. It was Saturday, and by Monday, we were on a plane to Hong Kong. 

In Home Kong, we made a pact: ditch all our side hustles and build THE engineering company of our dreams.

And just like that, Sparkmate was born on January 6th, 2020. 

Enough about us. This is about YOU. 

We built Sparkmate for ambitious engineers like you, like us, who crave more than just a job. The ones that are here to shake things up.

So, ready to dive in and make engineering history with us?

Let's cut the crap and get down to business.

This page is here to show you what we've built to date.

Maxime and Morgan‍

discover THE north-star

On a mission to create the most exciting organization for makers

Welcome to the Sparkmate tribe – a world where you can grow, create, and live life on your terms.

No more ladders, boring meetings, or stuffy suits.
Just a high-octane ride with like-minded engineers who love to build and have a blast while doing it. Let's do this!

Becoming a legend: growth without boundaries

At Sparkmate, we believe in helping you become the best version of yourself. Forget corporate ladders, and embrace limitless growth. Let's turn you into a legendary engineer!

Action-packed projects: no more boring meetings

Tired of pointless meetings? So are we! At Sparkmate, we're all about getting our hands dirty and working on projects that matter. The world is for the builders.

The makers' tribe: surround yourself with the bests

Join our tribe of ambitious builders who share your drive and passion for innovation. Together, we'll tackle challenges, learn from each other, and make some serious waves.

Flex your life: work your way

Live life on your terms! Need to hit the gym, run errands, or start late? We trust you to manage your time and get the job done. No micromanagement here – just freedom and flexibility.

Tribe in Malta
Work smarter, not longer: 4-day work weeks

Who says you need five days to get the job done? At Sparkmate, we value efficiency and balance, so let's squeeze that work into four days and enjoy an extra day off!

Wander, work, and wonder: Off-site adventures

Work doesn't have to be boring. Sometimes we take the whole team, jump on a plane to mix work and play! Join us on thrilling off-site trips to places like Phuket, Lisboa, Malta, and beyond.

Tribe time: unwind off work

Kick back and relax with your fellow Sparkmates! Whether it's casual drinks or wild dance-offs, we're all about bonding off work.

Own it: bonuses and shares

You're putting in the effort, and we think it's time you get rewarded! We offer bonuses and share options to ensure your commitment doesn't go unnoticed.

Hone your skills: top-notch coaching

We want you to grow and thrive at Sparkmate. That's why we provide elite coaching to help you level up your skills and become the best engineer you can be. Let's build your future, together!

Who's the Right Fit for Sparkmate?

Truth is, there's no such thing as "fitting in" here. We don't care about your CV, your school, or your degree(s).

What matters most to us is your genuine curiosity, willingness to dive deep and get your hands dirty, caring for your teammates, caring for your impact on the world, not being afraid to break (and fix) things, and just a little bit of craziness to believe that anything is possible.

discover the north-star

Land a Job at Sparkmate 101

We won't sugarcoat it – it's tough to land a job at Sparkmate. We are hardcore about who gets into the Tribe, but it's not impossible at all!

Our hiring process is a journey where less than 5% of candidates make it to the final stage. Are you up for the challenge?

apply at sparkmate
Step 1

Solo Application (Time to Impress!)

Submit a portfolio (no CVs or resumes) showcasing your creations and skills. Format is up to you – get creative!

Write a cover letter that highlights why Sparkmate is a good fit for you and vice versa. It doesn't need to be formal – just be genuine.

Complete a personality test to help us understand how you think. Don't stress – just be yourself and take your time.

*Remember, only about 30% of candidates make it past this stage, so give it your all and make a lasting impression!

Step 2

Chat with a Sparkmate

Have an informal interview with one of our teammates.

It's a chance for you to ask questions and learn more about Sparkmate. Remember, we're looking for a win-win relationship!

Step 3

Interview with Maxime, our COO

Maxime will assess your abilities and potential to grow within the team.

Don't worry about being junior – we're looking for personalities and potential, not just experience.

Step 4

Interview with Morgan, our CEO

Morgan will focus on your mindset and cultural fit within Sparkmate.

Be yourself, relax, and show us what makes you unique!

After this step, successful candidates will receive our salary grid and a pre-offer, which needs validation by the technical test.

Step 5

Technical test at the office (or remote, if necessary)

Spend a day at one of our offices (Hong Kong, Paris, or Sydney) for a technical test.

Solve a technical problem in the morning, then work side by side with a teammate in the afternoon to see how you think and collaborate.

Important Tips

Check your email's spam folder for important updates during the hiring process.

Be transparent and communicative if you need extra time at any point during the process.

We aim to respond within three working days after each step and expect the same from you.

Feel free to ask any questions during the entire process – we value openness and honesty.

All applications with a CV instead of a portfolio will be automatically rejected.

All applications in a language other than English will be automatically rejected.

All applications with missing personality tests will be automatically rejected (you will receive the link by email right after applying).

Make sure to check your emails right after applying, including promotion and spam folders.

Our teammates talkabout Sparkmate

“You handle so many different projects in such a small period of time. I love it because my learning curve never seems to flatten.“
“Very flat hierarchy with the right amount of freedom and responsibilities.”
“You handle so many different projects in such a small period of time. I love it because my learning curve never seems to flatten.“
“Makers, breakers and badasses!”

Ready to join the tribe

You're looking for an action-packed ride? Join us to build, grow and live life on your terms.

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