LIFT-oFF program

A game-changing boost for your next Corporate Venture.
Sparkmate co-founds 100% Climate 100% Hardware companies with industry leaders.

Buildfor Climate

Hardware innovation can be tough, but it's crucial for solving today's most critical problems.

Sparkmate is your (very) hands-on ally. We are the first venture studio 100% Climate 100% Hardware.

We partner with large corporations to speed up and de-risk the process of launching deep tech and industrial corporate ventures.

You are looking for a mate with skin-in-the-game, resources and unmatched engineering expertise? Let's partner together.

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explore innovation opportunities

Conduct on-field research and experimentations to identify tomorrow's business and innovation opportunities, today.

  • Tackle Climate Tech issues and reinvent your business in a sustainable way.
  • Explore diversification opportunities, build future-proof new products / services and drive new revenue.
partner with us to speed up

launch a corporate venture

Partner with Sparkmate to create full-fledged innovative solutions. Drive growth with new and sustainable business models.

  • Co-investment for 18 months of operations
  • Iterative R&D process designed for high speed and lower risk.
  • Founding / Core team hiring.
  • Pilot projects and go-to-market strategies.

Here isour offer

All the resources and extreme dedication you need to succeed.

1.5M USD
We co-invest with you to launch new companies.
In-house hardware / software engineering team.
Pre-vetted pool of Founders and hires.
Sqm facilities for R&D and production in Europe & Asia.

Create a sustainable Corporate Venture.

Sparkmate is fully focused on future-proof businesses, making the world a better place.

Together with large corporations and industrial leaders, we imagine, engineer and launch deep tech and industrial innovations. We address critical sustainability challenges with large-scale, practical solutions.

We're building the ecosystem to make hardware less hard.


Clean Manufacturing

Clean Manufacturing focuses on reducing environmental impact through energy-efficient production technologies and responsible resource management; potential innovation opportunities include sustainable materials, waste reduction, and resource optimization.

Clean Mobility

Clean Mobility aims to transform transportation with eco-friendly alternatives, such as electric road systems and low greenhouse gas sea shipping; innovation opportunities include autonomous vehicles, shared mobility solutions, and smart transportation networks.

Clean Construction

Clean construction involves sustainable building practices, advanced construction techniques, and energy-efficient systems like shading and solar control solutions, ultra-efficient cooling units, and innovative energy management and monitoring systems.

Waste & Carbon Capture

This sector tackles waste management with sorting and transformation systems, advanced recycling technologies, alongside carbon capture, utilisation and storage, in particular to produce value-added products like manufacturing or construction materials.

The dynamism, multidisciplinarity and execution capacity of the Sparkmate team caught our attention. Morgan and his team showed that they had both the mechanical, electronic and computer skills to develop a complex engineering project.

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VP of Company

During the project, the ability to go straight to the need, the method of work and the daily communication is of an unbeatable effectiveness. A company of makers, always curious and innovative, with a mindset not seen anywhere else.

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