Building Europe's 1st rocket landing system prototype

A project with
ArianeGroup & CNES

Project Context

Olivier and Jerome have approached us with an ambitious project: to design and construct a prototype for a rocket stage-recovery concept. This project is part of the ArianeWorks acceleration platform, launched by CNES and ArianeGroup, which is focused on developing low-cost reusable first-stage demonstrators in partnership with SMEs and start-ups.

The prototype we had to build needed to match the scale of a small test vehicle known as FROG, an essential element in testing several concepts for THEMIS, such as landing algorithms, automated operations, and avionics architecture.

Our mission was to design and build this prototype to help ArianeWorks quickly make strides towards the development of future European space launchers.

How can we build a mechatronics system capable of moving very fast and accurately?
How do we ensure that components, materials and overall assembly will resist strong efforts?
How can we detect rocket position with extreme precision and accuracy?

The solution we built

The solution we developed with Olivier and Jerome is stricly confidential.

Although we cannot expose in details what has been designed and prototyped, we can indicate that the system is composed of:

  • Mechanical Structure
  • Powerful Actuators
  • Power Electronics Control System
  • Rocket Detection System (to identify the rocket and calculate its position)
  • Main Orchestration Algorithm (the brain of the system, coordinating the actions of the various components to fast and accurate recovery)

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Designed and built the main structure after 5 weeks
Proofed the core concept in less than 10 weeks
Started conducting extensive recovery testing after 15 weeks
Delivered functional system to ArianeGroup facilities after 25 weeks
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