Securing city bikes with a smart locks infrastructure

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Project Context

Alexandre and Nicolas had the idea of taking on secured bike parking challenges in European cities Alexandre Molla is a former GM of Uber in France and Switzerland and Nicolas Louvet is the CEO of 6T, a renown mobility research-oriented firm.

Based on the observation that a bike is parked 95% of the time, Sharelock's founders want to massively unlock bike usage by solving the secured parking problems for bike enthusiasts!

“‘Where am I going to put my bike?’ is the single biggest obstacle we need to tackle to massively unlock bike usage.” - Alexandre, Co-Founder of Sharelock
How do we create a durable and robust design that can withstand the rigors of everyday use in a busy city?
How can we develop an efficient yet very low-power consumption system?
How do we ensure end-to-end security from the mechanical aspects to IoT cybersecurity?
How can we detect bike theft attempts and send notifications to users rapidly?

The solution we built

We've been working together with Sharelock for little over a year, we went from an idea to the first shared locks system in the world, composed of:

The locks

  • Adapt to all bikes, and most poles (tens of thousand in all cities)
  • Connected
  • Highest security standards (SRA, FUB approved)

The apps (IOS and Android)

  • Find the nearest available lock to book
  • Lock/unlock your bicycle on any lock
  • Check on your lock status ( Receive notifications when theft attempts are detected)

The Operator Platform

  • Monitor the whole network of locks
  • Organise the maintenance
  • Data analysis of the usage

All of this allows the user to enjoy the highest standards of security to park its bike all around the city, 

“When I worked at Uber, what we believe that really makes a difference in companies operating in the same field is: speed of execution, and excellence of execution.” - Alexandre, Co-Founder of Sharelock
A fleet of Sharelock deployed in Nice

A Nice, les nouveaux cadenas à vélo connectés ont été mis en service ce  lundi - Nice-Matin
Locking a bicycle

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Proofed their concept 5 weeks after starting to engage with us
Gone from 0 to Market in 15 weeks (approval from a City to deploy the locks)
Obtain 120 locks (pilot) in 30 weeks after start and 5000 locks (1st prod batch) in 13 months
Raised €4.1M funding for their seed round in 9 months of launching
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