Reducing 40% of emissions on professional speedboats fleets with IoT and AI

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Oria Marine

Project Context

Zodiac Milpro is the global leader for professional and military RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) and inflatable boats.

We approached Jérôme Hervé, the former Director of BCG in Paris and current board member of Zodiac Milpro, a professional boat manufacturer.

We introduced him to Lift-off, a 10 weeks of consulting work where Sparkmate comes and identifies business opportunities that can be addressed through tech.

Jerome was looking for ways to increase the value of Zodiac while reducing its environmental footprint and asked us to work on the subject.

The marine industry lacked a comprehensive method to understand how boat behaviors and operations affected financial outcomes and the environment
Existing boat data was available but not being utilized effectively to address concerns such as fuel consumption and maintenance.
The challenge was to develop a product with standardized hardware and cloud-based software accessible through a browser while keeping variable costs low.
The product had to offer the most significant environmental and financial impact with minimal effort and financial costs.

The solution we built

Fast forward to a year after “lift-off”, Oria Marine (incorporated subsidiary of Zodiac Milpro) addresses the challenges faced by professional boat owners in optimizing the performance of their vessels in terms of operations and environmental impact. 

Boat owners are under pressure to reduce and monitor their environmental impact due to public and political scrutiny. Additionally, increasing fossil fuel prices make it challenging for boat owners to maintain reasonable operating costs. Oria Marine's solution involves collecting data from a fleet of boats through its ORIA Box, analyzing the data, and providing actionable insights to improve operational and environmental performance. 

With Oria Marine's solution, boat owners can reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions, extend the lifespan of their engines, and optimize the maintenance of their fleet.

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Comprehensive understanding of fuel consumption
Analysis of linked carbon emissions and global reduction
Lower maintenance costs through careful study of the system
Results in longer engine lifespan
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