Attaching gyro-stabilized cameras to jets and planes

A project with
Glm productions

Project Context

Gregory has approached us with a request to build a gyro-stabilized camera that can be mounted under the wing of a small plane to film other planes in the air.

The purpose of the system is to capture high-quality footage of other planes in flight, likely for entertainment or promotional purposes.

The camera positioning system needs to be highly reliable, robust, and remotely controlled by an operator inside the plane.

Our mission was to design, prototype, and test this gyro-stabilized camera solution to ensure that it meets the high standards of stability, durability, and image quality required to capture stunning aerial footages.

How do we build a structure to enable crystal clear video captures?
How do we ensure the robustness of our mechanical structure?
How do ensure connectivity, power supply and optimized video flow transmission?

The solution we built

  • A mechanical frame directly fixed under the plane wing (this requires DGAC approval)
  • A rotative mechanism on which we install a gyro-stabilized holder with a high-definition camera
  • An electronics system capable of controlling the camera and the rotating plate
  • An ergonomic remote control pad for the camera operator to pilot the system

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Validated feasibility in just 5 weeks
Gone from an idea to first aerial shootage in 10 weeks
Gone from 8% (before system) to 85% usable aerial shootage time
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