A quest guided by the north star

Our convictions

The world's most pressing problems require hardware solutions.

Entrepreneurs can overcome the toughest challenges with technology and a hands-on approach.

Ambitious engineers, the new generation of global leaders, need a springboard to unleash their potential.

Our Mission

We build tomorrow's breakthrough companies with ambitious entrepreneurs, today!

Our VIsion

There’s no tribe like Sparkmate for women and men who live to build incredible hard-tech companies.

Our Ambition

Be the company that turns the most groundbreaking projects into reality.

We are forming the most exciting organisation of makers and engineers on the planet.

Soon the new global reference in tech.

Our 10-years plan

Global Tribe

50+ hubs, 2000+ venture builders and engineers, fostering ambition.

Tech Dominance

100+ groundbreaking products and startups, shaping the future.

Inspiring greatness

Iconic brand, inspiring changes and impacting millions.

our mates

Product engineers, solving the hardest problems
Venture builders, helping projects reach the market
Repeat entrepreneurs, driving projects and bringing them to autonomy
Lightning-fast Execution

We supercharge your project's progress with our  hardware, software, IoT, and robotics skills.

Full-throttle Support

Our unwavering dedication spans from idea to launch, ensuring your product rocks the market

Fearless Innovations

We're unafraid to tackle audacious challenges, reshaping industries

what we do

We build prototypes!

We engineer cutting-edge hardware and software solutions.

We own problems, we solve them with fearless execution.

We create, test and iterate until it works, sells and scales.

We move fast, we build crazy tech companies with our mates.

who we are

"We are makers, not talkers"
"We are a global tribe"
"We are the underdog"
"We are bootstrappers."
"We are committed to building mind-blowing tech products fast"
"We are here to shake the industry and come out on top."
"We are building a new standard"
"We are in love with what we do"
"We are Sparkmate"

how we work

Genuine care about vision and success
Small project team with strong ownership and world-class execution ability
Prototypes, prototypes, prototypes then robust products
5-weeks iterative approach to constantly generate results
Top-notch expertise in hardware and software
Repeated testing on the field so there’s no space for uncertainty
Involvement of users, partners, stakeholders to build momentum
Our special weapons, the sparkmates with their craziness and fun!

our principles

Give the Spark

A spark is all it takes to start a huge fire - we are lit up by this special spark that is us, let's make sure to share it with others by our actions.

Share what you know, do what you can! Be proactive, make the first move, and support each other. We're all in this together.

Play to win the game

Fear nothing, move fast, and let momentum be our ally. We embrace the impossible and play to win every time.

Own it, or leave it

Take charge and stay disciplined. It's our time to shine, so step up or step out.

Make it obvious

Stay transparent and communicate clearly. We're an open book, and we want everyone on the same wild ride.

Ship small, build fast

Be hands-on, chase results, and stay practical. We're all about progress, so let's keep moving forward, always.