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Project Context

Pierre, Yoan, Delphine and Julien contacted us to build a solution to improve and simplify the feeding process for cats. Yomy's idea was to build a connected dispenser that distributes both wet food and kibbles, a wide range of wet food for cats, and an app to monitor and analyze the feeding behavior of the cat. Yomy's approach was to involve smart features in their product design, such as a bowl equipped with a weighing system, a food drawer that optimizes food storage and minimizes odors, and a camera with night vision and a wide angle to detect when cats are hungry.

Our mission was to spearhead the R&D efforts, design and develop a fully integrated prototype of the Yomy machine and app, and ultimately manufacture a first batch for beta testing.

How do we imagine a solution that is reliable, hygienic, easy to manufacture and that generates less than 5% waste?
How can we imagine a secure, clean and reliable system that can durable withstand daily use?
How do we build a reliable solution to ensure (hungry) cats will always be detected?

The solution we built

An elegant, ergonomic and reliable machine

  • Capable of dispensing both kibbles and wet food for cats
  • With 2 modes of operation: scheduled (at fixed slots) and free-feeding (when the cat is hungry)
  • With a computer vision algorithm that detects the presence of a cat in front of the machine

An IoT infrastructure to process and store data

A mobile app that allows cat owners to configure food distribution, scheduling, and other settings

A back-office for Yomy team to manage their fleet of machines and manage their beta testing

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Validated R&D phase on the wet food distribution after 15 weeks of testing and prototyping
Gone from 0 to 5 machines ready for alpha testing in 6 months
Assembled 10 optimized machines for beta testing after an additional 10 weeks
Raised funding for industrialization with a key player of the industry after 18 months
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