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How the transportation & mobility industry implements new technology
May 26, 2023

‍It might be the Japanese bullet train or the new camera system in your car that gives you a look at technology in transportation and mobility. It's constantly innovating to strive for better efficiency and comfort!

The transportation & mobility industry carries a lot of people to a lot of places. Efficiency is key and comfort provides a better experience to the users. Both metrics are incredibly important to the industry and are what innovations try to improve on.

In itself the transportation & mobility concern about 2500 million people today, in 2024, it’s expected to reach more than 3000 million people. This represents a challenge for most modern cities that have to adapt their network of transportation to its growing number of users. Countries have to adapt by making sure their cities are well connected and that users and resources can move freely.

At the same time, more than half of the industry is used, not to transport people, but to transport goods around countries, and the world. Transportation then stops being a matter of comfort but rather a matter of quantities. In that sense, we now see the use of gigantic supertankers, ships that can transport up to 500 million liters of gas. We also see the rise of huge container ships, ships that specialize in transporting a large number of containers, these transport up to 24,000 containers.

By introducing such large ships, harbors have had to adapt; the industry has made those harbors larger and deeper. The industry concerns users that want to travel from one place to the other, but mainly businesses that want to send their products around the globe.

Why is the industry looking at technology to boost their business?

With today’s latest technology, going from one place to another has never been so easy and fast. Nowadays, anyone can reach the most remote places in the world, by sending a message via the internet or by using a network of planes, boats, roads to get there.

Since the industry is one of the main sectors that make a country work, the space has known tremendous innovation to make mobility safer and faster. Let’s take a look at why this industry is innovating.

  • Better B2B performances

By leveraging the enormous amount of data that traveling generates, businesses are more able to decrease the delivery time of the goods to always suit the current needs of their customers.

Improvements to the way these companies communicate has also been made thanks to new tracking capabilities. Improving communication between the actors is essential and is easily achieved with the numerous technological and business applications that exists today.

  • Making our life better

Technology has also disrupted the customer experience in the public transportation field. The metro and other urban networks are becoming overcrowded, and the traffic must be carefully monitores to guarantee safe journeys.

With the help of drones made of diversified and performant electronic components and completed databases, companies can offer performant sevices to all its users. Singapore, for example, being one of the most moderns cities in the world, invested in drones to predict the number of people wanting to use their services. It does so to prepare ahead of the spike in their network and make sure that their systems are operational and ready to face the coming demand.

  • Prediction

Prediction is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the transportation & mobility industry, the goal is to prepare ahead of time. This ensures that the fleet of ships and planes are where they need to be to most efficiently answer the ongoing demand.

This makes everything run smoothly and ensures that the company isn’t missing an extra ship to fill its needs.

How do we leverage technology in this industry?

We will now look at several new innovations in the space and how they benefit the industry.

  1. Last-mile robots

Most of the industry focuses not on individuals, but on the delivery of goods. When transporting a package from point A to point B, the most challenging part is not what it might seem.

As the package is brought by a customer or a truck to the warehouse, it can be delivered with other packages as a whole from one country or warehouse to another country or warehouse. The complicated and very costly part is transporting an individual package from the closest warehouse to the final user. This is called the last mile and since each package has to be transported individually, this process can be very expensive.

Companies are thus trying to build robots to answer that particular need and deliver packages to the end consumer.

  1. Hyperloop

This innovation is geared towards individuals and promises extremely fast transport speeds. The idea is to create a vacuum in a long tunnel that would connect two places. By introducing a vacuum, the transportation device could reach much higher speeds and transport people in shorter times.

The main promoter of this technology is Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla but other companies have started emerging to try and make the technology a reality.

  1. Next-Generation Lithium-Ion Batteries

As electric vehicles are on the rise, the need to develop efficient batteries is increasing. Innovations in this sector are of major importance, the technology revolves around improving the overall structure of the battery and the chemistry to make these batteries hold more charge for a longer time.

A promising sector for this technology is the use of silicon nanoparticles that can outperform the commonly used carbon graphite electrode and can boost energy density by around 20 percent, promising longer-lasting batteries.

The transportation & mobility sector is of fundamental importance to our modern world, the space has grown over the past decade and its development isn’t going to stop anywhere. Companies keep innovating in the sector to make it efficient and provide comfort to the individuals that use the transportation services.

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