20 French hardware Climate Tech startups to watch in 2023

Explore our List of Pioneers

August 15, 2023

20 French hardware Climate Tech startups to watch in 2023

Explore our List of Pioneers

August 15, 2023

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Hardware is hard but hardware will solve the world's hardest problems,

It's been a while I wanted to showcase incredible hardware startups that Sparkmate's team has discovered in the past months,

Everyone is talking about climate change,

But who is talking about the fearless (crazy? 😉) entrepreneurs and makers crafting and industrializing the solutions that drive real change?

I'm super excited to share this list of 20 French companies tackling Climate change :

20 French Hardware Climate Tech Startups to watch in 2023

Full list:

🏭 Dioxycle

DIOXYCLE is pioneering breakthrough carbon utilization technologies that convert industrial emissions into sustainable chemicals with unprecedented energy and cost efficiency.

🏭 Tallano Technologies

Tallano Technologies is a pioneer in the field of particle emission reduction systems for vehicle braking.


Materrup, a young industrial company with impact, certified as Greentech and DeepTech, has developed a low-carbon cement made from non-calcined clay from various regions.

🧱 TechnoCarbon

TechnoCarbon Technologies France develops and manufactures new material systems to achieve net zero emissions. Our main product is CarbonFiberStone® , abbreviated as CFS®, a CO2-neutral combination of stone and carbon fibers.

🔋 BeFC Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells

BeFC make electricity with papers and enzymes. Our paper biofuel cells use enzymes to convert sugars and oxygen into electricity for the next generation of ultra-low-power electronics.

🔋 Sweetch Energy

Sweetch Energy is a renewable energy company specialising in osmotic energy, and committed to a carbon neutral world. Our INOD® technology enables the production of clean and competitive electricity from salt water, a permanent and abundant source of energy yet untapped


EOLINK develops cost-effective floating wind parks. We rethink wind turbines'​ architecture thanks to the yawing capability provided by floating foundations.

🔋 Dracula Technologies

Our mission is to make the world of connected objects sustainable. To achieve this, we do not only design simple organic photovoltaic modules, but the best ones.

🔋 Gouach

Gouach invented and produces renewable lithium-ion batteries. Our batteries are designed to last thanks to our patented system of cell replacement.


FLYING WHALES is a French company established in 2012 to develop and industrialize a 60 tons Large Capacity Airship.

🛩️ Beyond Aero

Aviation will be electric, we’re unlocking its full potential with hydrogen. We are leading the path by making possible, certifiable and profitable the first electric aircraft designed for hydrogen propulsion.


FARWIND ENERGY is a pioneering company of far-offshore wind energy capture and delivery solutions, using energy ship technology, a disruptive technology for offshore wind energy conversion.


Airseas harnesses the power of the wind! We are an industrial company and we design and install Seawing, an automated giant kite system that propels ships and aims at reducing their fuel consumption and associated emissions.

🚚 K-Ryole - Véhicules électriques intelligents

Since 2015, K-Ryole has been creating professional electric vehicles that combine technology and engineering to enable the development of heavy load transportation by bike and by hand.

🚚 HSL Technologies (HySiLabs)

HSL Technologies delivers a unique hydrogen transportation solution: an innovative hydrogen liquid carrier

🚚 TOLV (ex Phoenix Mobility)

Grenoble-based start-up, pioneers in retrofitting, we convert thermal utility vehicles into 100% electric vehicles.


Creating a sustainable future for carbon fiber composite is our mission. We are bringing a new, sustainable and innovative way to recycle carbon fiber composite.

♻️ TRYON Environnement

Tryon is a manufacturer and integrator of containerized micro-methanization units made in France.

♻️ Lixo

Lixo boosts the circular economy to enable recycled raw materials to finally compete with virgin raw materials. To do so, we create smart computer vision tools that allow all players in the waste management industry (haulers, MRFs, recyclers, etc.) to integrate smart data, in real time.

♻️ Néolithe

NÉOLITHE transforms your refuse into stone. Néolithe’s patented Fossilisation process, unknown anywhere else in the world, turns non-recyclable, non-inert and non-hazardous waste into mineral aggregates, in other words stones, for use in the construction industry.


Who are the other innovators you believe we need to put under the spotlight?

Let me know and I will share more : maxime@sparkmate.com

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