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Building a brand, and an impactful one takes a lot of time and thought
May 26, 2023

‍Building a brand takes time and a lot of work to forge strong relationships with people. It doesn’t happen over time but rather evolves alongside the journey and evolution of your brand. Most of that connection comes from marketing and unless you have an internal team, ready to execute, you're going to need some outside help.

That’s where creative studios are creative agencies come into play, they allow you to outsource your media creation and execute on your communication strategy. Finding the right one that fits your philosophy can be quite tough. This article will help you understand what these agencies are and how to find them.

What are creative studios/agencies?

A creative studio or creative agency is an organization that offers services in marketing and advertising. They can help you get things done if you need help in creative strategies, work, or promotions.

These agencies often provide a couple of services like strategy in Advertising, Brand, Content, Marketing, and Social Media.

Another major topic is data analysis. With today’s measurements, these businesses know how to make use of the collected data and help you understand the numbers and what they mean.        

The next focus of these services which is probably their major service is content creation, they can provide you with almost any type of media, ranging from Articles and books to videos and 3D renders.

As with anything media-related, another aspect of these businesses is communication, they can help you do paid promotions with artists, rent billboards or ads, and much more.

A creative studio often includes a mix of artists, writers, videographers, art directors, producers, and brand strategists. This gathering can help you with almost any creation and distribution-related issue.

Why should you look for creative studios/agencies?

Hiring a creative studio can serve various reasons like:

  • Professional Help
  • Saves resources
  • Fresh Outlook
  • Consistent
  • Strategy
  • Network

First of all, creative fields appear much simpler than they really are, advertisements for example carry a lot of complexity. Hiring a professional directly in your company to answer your communication needs means that person isn’t going to encompass all the different dimensions that creation carries.

If you hire just one person, you won’t find the most effective employee in all aspects, this will cost you time and money. If your needs are punctual, you also won’t want to hire someone. A creative studio helps you by getting the most efficient people on the job in all aspects of your request.

As creative studios group vastly different profiles, it helps them get fresh ideas into their media creation. This outlook might not be possible in your business environment but sure is something professionals of a creative studio do every day.

Using the same agency means your visuals and communication strategy will stay consistent throughout your publications, this will help establish your brand by giving it an identity.

Communication also requires a strategy, studios can help you with that. This ensures you communicate well enough with your clients and regularly. As you outsource your work to a creative studio, it helps your employees focus on what works best.

By reaching out to creative agencies, you reach out to a large network of creators, these studios can help you find the right talent, the one that matches your brand and what you want to achieve.

How do I know if I need one?

Not every brand needs help from a creative studio, particularly if you already have a solid in-house team is executing your marketing strategy. You might want to look into it in the following cases:

  • Lack of resources. You find it difficult to execute your strategy due to limited means. A creative studio will help you with dedicated infrastructure.
  • Knowledge. You don’t know the practices of the industry or lack the skills to use the software and the tools related to content creation. An agency is staffed with expert creators that create all types of content all day and know the ins and out of the business.
  • Bandwidth. You lack the resources to dedicate a team of employees to your marketing strategy. By outsourcing, you’ll offload a lot of work and allow your teams to work full time and their initial tasks.
  • Results. If your strategy isn’t delivering any result or at least not what you imagine despite putting the resources in. You should get help from a creative studio that can advise you on how to tweak and improve your strategy.
How do I find one that fits our company?

When looking for a creative studio, you have to find the right one, the one that fits your business, here are a few things to consider :

  • Past results. Getting a feel for what the agency has already developed can help you imagine wether or not the studio fits well with your business. See if you enjoy what they do, their overall style.
  • Same industry. Finding an agency that works in your industry is very important, the point is to make sure that you deal with specialists, people that know what works and what doesn’t in your particular industry.
  • Know what you want to achieve. Having a clear vision for what you want to achieve helps discuss your project with an agency. You’ll get better feedback on the feasibility of your project, the steps to take and the resources it’s goint to take.
  • Look at their content. By looking at the content of a creative studio you can easily check if you like their communication strategy. If you don’t like their style, that’s already a red flag, you wouldn’t want them to be the ones creating your visuals.

Creative studios help companies by outsourcing the creative and communication part of owning a business. They gather professionals to push out all type of content. When looking for one, try and make sure your philosophy fits with their creative style and that they know your industry well!

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