Entrepreneur Spotlight: Igor Duc

The Journey to Building a Brand: Igor Duc's Story

May 27, 2023

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Igor Duc

The Journey to Building a Brand: Igor Duc's Story

May 27, 2023

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From a single product idea to a thriving lifestyle brand

Igor Duc's entrepreneurial journey with Native Union has been nothing short of remarkable.

For the past 14 years, Native Union has been on a journey to create a unique lifestyle experience, with a focus on providing customers with reliable and enjoyable products they can trust. As Igor explains, "We believe a brand is not simply launched, but rather developed over time by consistently providing customers with a reliable and enjoyable experience that they can trust. A Brand is a contract with the customer. We do tech modern essentials for people who value craft and quality.”

When Igor was asked about the initial launch of Native Union, he candidly shared, "We had only one product idea in mind: the POP Phone." To their astonishment, this singular product sold a staggering 2.5 million units in just two years.

However, despite this early success, Igor honestly admitted that they didn't have a grand vision for the brand at that time. It wasn't until they rode the initial "product wave" for a couple of years that they realized their unique position at the intersection of technology and lifestyle.

Igor went on to say, “This led us to recognize our potential to become the top brand for high-quality modern essentials”. Since then, Native Union has continued to innovate and provide customers with reliable and enjoyable experiences through their products.

🚀 Overcoming Challenges and Finding Success: Transitioning to a Multi-Product Brand

While the initial success of Native Union with the POP Phone was impressive, Igor and his team faced challenges in transitioning from a one-product company to a brand with consistency and focus. As Igor openly acknowledges, "Our biggest challenge has been to transition from this one product company to a brand that embodies consistency and focus in all aspects of our business.

This required a deep commitment to building a genuine brand identity." However, through unwavering commitment and perseverance, Native Union overcame these challenges and found success in expanding their product offerings.

When asked about the timeline from idea to market launch Igor shares: “4 months ! We had the idea in September 2008, did an industrial design with a friend in October, opened a tooling in November, did a 1st small production in December and flew to CES in January 2009 with a bag of prototypes”.

💡 A Game-Changing Decision: Igor Duc's Unforgettable Encounter with Apple

One of the craziest moments in Igor Duc's entrepreneurial journey was when he found himself stranded in Las Vegas, risking a crucial meeting with Apple in Cupertino the next day. With no rental cars available, he took a daring leap and found an Uber driver willing to embark on an 8-hour and 30-minute journey through a storm to get him to Cupertino in time.

Despite the odds, he arrived just in time for the meeting, impressing Apple with his unwavering determination. In fact, his story garnered so much attention that he was able to negotiate a better deal than expected, thanks to Apple's appreciation for his extraordinary efforts to keep the appointment.

🔑 CEO Wisdom: Igor Duc's Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Drawing from his experience, Igor shared valuable wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs. His best advice to a fellow entrepreneur sounds like “Be ready for a turbulent ride and remember that while most people see obstacles as a sign to stop, the best treasures are usually hidden behind the obstacles, not before them!”

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